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Windows 8 cannot connect right now

This morning I bought an OEM version of windows 8 and I am already regretting doing it. Every time I open the stupid WindowsSetupBox tool I keep getting the same error: "We can't connect right now", and I am asked to check my internet connection, which is obviously working. I've read around about this. This is getting ridiculous. Ever since Windows came out, I keep getting an error whenever I try to download the original Windows 8 from the Upgrade Assistant. When I enter my product key and hit next, it immediately gives an error saying: "We can't connect right now, check your internet connection and. Each time I try the Windows 8 upgrade assistant I get the following error: "We can't connect right now Check your Internet connection and try again". My key is a 64 bit key. After each failed attempt, I deleted the folder: "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebSetup\Panther.

Anyone else getting this error? When I first ran the assistant, I was able to get to the order screen, put in the code and then it would tell me. 28 Jun However, I would close this out and load the installer per the instructions on how to obtain the ISO and it never worked. Then when I went back to using the Win 8 installer, I get the message "can't connect right now" after I input my product key. I tried this for several hours and even tried it on my. SO i opened it up and entered in my serial code. It accepted the code saying its correct, then goes onto the next screen saying the following: "just a little bit longer we are going online and preparing a few things for you " Then it says "WE can' t connect right now.. Check your internet connection again".

I have purchased windows 8 license but not able to download it. The windows 8 setup fails all the time with an error message "We can't connect right now". In addition to this, It also flashes another error message "Check your Internet Connection and Try Again". I am trying the same process from last 7 days. They sent me an e-mail with a link to the and a product key. But when I run it and enter the key Windows setup says "we're going online to get a few things ready", then pops up the message "we can't connect right now, check your internet connection". But my Internet connection is fully functional. So after I enter my product key I get this error message. I have tried my product key and several on the internet yet they all fail. Please help Thanks.


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