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Itunes wont let me album artwork download

Itunes wont let me album artwork

iTunes cannot add artwork to tracks format, that are locked as read-only, or for which the security permissions are set incorrectly. itunes won't let me load album artwork: answer file issues. i'm re-posting this question because what i've discovered in migrating from. Sorting by Date Added should allow you to locate the most recent additions to the library. Sorting by Date Modified those most recently edited.

I've tried dragging the cover art from my desktop to the Drag Album Artwork here space under Selected Item and I've tried dragging importing. For some of the albums, I've been able to use iTunes to download the art. About 75% of the albums I try to drag art to won't save the change. to spend the time to clean up our libraries, and the friggin' software won't let us. itunes will only place artwork for albums that are offered in the itunes store. be it the song lengths or order or who knows what, it doesn't see it.

Hi, I had the same problem, but quicky found a solution. Click on the first song of the album you want to add art to, as if you were starting to play. itunes and it doesn't let me change the album art. I can click it and tick the box and press ok but nothing happens. someone please help me. Ah, the penny drops. You cannot add custom artwork to tracks format. These don't have a tag and any metadata that you enter is only.


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