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The Good Book is a book by A. C. Grayling. It was published in March by Walker & Company with the subtitle A Humanist Bible, and in April by Bloomsbury with the subtitle A Secular Bible. The book was designed as a secular alternative to religious text, and to be read as a narrative drawing on non- religious. The Good Book: A Humanist Bible [A. C. Grayling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Drawn from the wealth of secular literature and philosophy in both Western and Eastern traditions. The Good Book has ratings and 61 reviews. Rinda said: This is going to be a long long read/10/Day 1أصبح من عاداتي الصباحية قراءة القليل.

24 Apr And in the year , Anthony the Seer did come forth with flowing locks and dispensed wisdom to the people, writes Richard Holloway. 15 Apr The Good Book: A Humanist Bible,” by the English philosopher A. C. Grayling, is modeled on the Christian Bible. 4 Apr Not any more it isn't, at least if philosopher A C Grayling and his fellow humanists, secularists and atheists have their way. This week sees the publication of The Good Book: A Secular Bible by Well, it isn't by anyone. Rather, as the book jacket informs us in a typographical style imitative of the Christian.

30 Apr THEOLOGY: HELEN COONEYreviews The Good Book: A Secular BibleBy AC Grayling Bloomsbury, pp. £ THE TITLE of this book is arresting and provocative. Add the fact that its author is AC Grayling, a great populariser of difficult philosophy, whose books attract many thousands of readers and. The Good Book is a book of insight, inspiration, wisdom, solace and commentary on the human condition drawn from the great. 4 Aug When I heard about this book, I assumed it was a joke. A.C. Grayling's satirical new "college" shows he's capable of it. But this book is much stranger and more interesting than that. It's deathly serious: and it's not comedy, it's tragedy. Above all, though, it's pastiche. Grayling's "bible" consists of 14 books.


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