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Myzoom for no gba

myZoom is an application that allows No$GBA to have an enlarged screen. No$GBA is an emulator for running Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games on the computer. No$GBA has the ability to display Game Boy Advance games in full screen. Through the use of right mouse click and shortcut keys, myZooms adds easily accessible features to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance / DS emulator No$gba. Jan 24, Hello, everyone. This is another tool for No$gba. If you have not patience to wait the new NDS2xGL, you can try this one. My English is poor.

Apr 17, myZoom (ANA: myZoomSoft) is another auxiliary add-on maganifier program specially designed for NO$GBA (another one is NO$Zoomer), that. No$zoomer is a utility in the No$GBA emulator that is used, basically, for zooming. It also enables the playability of some games, whether new or old ones. 's emulator information and download page for NO$GBA ( Nintendo DS).

Jul 30, NO$GBA myZoom Utility. Posted by whoraclez on July 30, This tool was created by testerhook. Base source code by mySoft. But still, you can make use of some additional utilities to enable zooming. You can consider the NDS2xGL2 which offers a zooming property or MyZoom. May 31, Is there a bookstyle layout for the screens in no$GBA? I downloaded myzoom. exe where do I put it in the emulator directory? and the link.


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