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The best horror movies ever made, chosen by horror film experts. From ' Halloween' to 'The Haunting', this is the definitive list of the best scary movies . Jul 18, Watch Free Horror Movies Online. Over Full Length Horror Movies. Horror Movie Reviews, News, Lists and More. The Best Site For Horror and Scary Movies. List of Horror Movies. The best-reviewed horror films of all time to keep your spine tingling! Best Horror Movies of All Time . Critics Consensus: Full of creepy campfire scares, mock-doc The Blair Witch Project keeps audiences in the dark about its titular villain -- thus proving that imagination can be as scary as anything onscreen.

Mar 20, Here's a full-on horror comedy for you, a movie that I saw years ago, but has stuck with me to this day. It's almost the opposite of The Babysitter, humanizing two “terrifying rednecks” who do not in fact, want to kill any nearby teenagers, yet through a series of bizarre accidents, the damn kids keep dying all. Horror · A one-handed madman (he lost the hand while escaping a hanging) uses various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he believes have wronged him. . Lisi marries Curtis after he convinces her that Scott has been See full summary». Director: Norman Panama. Stars: Tony Curtis, Virna Lisi, George C. Scott. Mar 28, Director: Steven Soderbergh (Contagion) Why it's great: The set-up alone is interesting: the impressively eclectic Steven Soderbergh tackles full-bore horror with a movie shot entirely with an iPhone camera. But is the movie any good? Heck yes. It's a noir-style paranoia thriller about a troubled woman who.


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